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Vision of the new Temple

Vision of New Shaolin Temple in the United States

Building the foundation where Chan Buddhist Philosophy will flourish, the New Temple will include:

72 chambers of traditional training, progressing from the most basic level to all of the other practices and techniques that Shaolin is famous for worldwide.  (Read about the history of the 72 Chambers of the Shaolin Temple)

A home for people to live while they train, whether it is for a  day, weekend, month, or years. (Read about how you can Live the Life of a Shaolin Warrior)

The opportunity to experience all Shaolin physical disciplines every day, from Tai Chi to Qi Gong to Kung Fu. (Read about The Shaolin Disciplines)

Strengthening communities for the future generations, the New Temple will offer:

A foster home / orphanage welcoming children from all parts of the globe. (Read about the Shaolin Temple Foster Home)

A young academy that will provide the physical and mental training that enables youth to surpass basic educational standards. (Read about The Young Academy)

Retreats, summer camp, and corporate summits for people of all ages and physical capabilities to promote physical, mental and spiritual renewal. (Read about The Shaolin Summer Camp)

A University of Wisdom where all religions can gather to share philosophy. (Read about The University of Wisdom)
The Dharma Wheel turns...

We have begun construction of the New Temple on 80.88 acres of paradise located just outside Fleischmanns, New York. Read more about our location or see our weekly progress updates. We are working towards opening a martial arts summer camp for the summer of 2011, with weekend and week-long adult retreats the following autumn.
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